The Fight Is On! Beat ’Em Up Combo Crew Available for iOS and Android

Posted by on 05.23.13

We are proud to announce that Combo Crew, our mobile brawler game, is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

With Combo Crew we wanted to re-create the magic of the old-school brawler games we loved so much: Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Street Fighter,… but on mobile. So first we nailed down the controls so you could finally play a fighting game on a touch screen, with no virtual D-pad to mess up your moves. The touch controls are smooth, responsive, easy to learn: one-finger swipe to punch / kick, tap to counter, and two-finger swipes for special combos. Then we worked on re-creating the fun of playing co-op with your friend together on the sofa, commenting the action, and remembering it for days after! This is where the Draw Something-style asynchronous multiplayer kicked in. You can invite your friends to rescue you when you are KO, or rescue them, and of course compete in the leaderboards. And then we worked on the combat system for the gameplay depth, the arena-style levels in the tower for great sessions of gaming on the go, the unlockables and an “endless” mode to keep you coming

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back for more. We also hope you will enjoy the parody and references to all the games that have inspired us! As always we are eagger to hear your feedback via the usual channels, and we are looking forward to playing with you in the game: you can invite us to compete or help, our email is in the game! Below the full press release.

- The Game Bakers

Combo Crew Launch trailer:


The (Mobile) Fight Is On! Beat ’Em Up Combo Crew Now Available for iOS and Android

Modern old-school brawler from The Game Bakers has smooth touch controls, asynchronous multiplayer

MONTPELLIER, France – 23 mai 2013 – Independent developer The Game Bakers invite online casino mobile gamers worldwide to join the fight in Combo Crew, a high-energy beat ’em up just released for iPhone / iPad and Android. Starting today, the game can be downloaded for $1.99 (USD) from the App Store and Google Play. A brawler in the spirit of arcade-era fighting games like Street Fighter, Final Fight, and Streets of Rage, Combo Crew was designed especially for today’s mobile gamers. The touch controls are smooth and intuitive, so your fingers do all the fighting with no virtual D-pad to get in the way. Quick arena-style levels and a tower level structure make Combo Crew perfect for gamers on the go, while tons of unlockables and an “endless” mode keep the crew coming back for more. Trapped in an industrial tower by the maniacal Mr. Boss, the planet’s top heroes must fight their way to freedom one level at a time. In solo mode you face off against swarms of bad guys to master each character’s unique fighting style and special moves, unleash crazy combo streaks, and try for a high score to win the gold medal. In the co-op “Combo Crew mode” the fun kicks into high gear when friends team up to rescue and revive each other from KO. Best of all, this asynchronous multiplayer is cross-platform, so iOS and Android users can play together as part of the same crew. “With Combo Crew, we wanted to recreate the fun of playing a brawler co-op with a friend on the sofa, but adapt this to mobile gaming. So the Draw Something-style asynchronous multiplayer really made sense,” says Emeric Thoa, The Game Bakers’ creative director. “And if your friends aren’t around, no problem—we’ve included ourselves on the friend list. So if you’re in a pinch, you can request a rescue from The Game Bakers and one of the developers will help you out!” To purchase Combo Crew, visit these links:

Combo Crew was created by the developers of SQUIDS and SQUIDS Wild West, tactical RPGs that have been enjoyed by more than 1.5M players worldwide. Learn more about Combo Crew at and @TheGameBakers. About The Game Bakers The Game Bakers is an indie video game studio based in Lyon and Montpellier, France. Led by AAA developers Audrey Leprince and Emeric Thoa, who left their steady jobs at top-tier major publishers to take a risk making the games they love on modern platforms, the core members have worked on numerous console projects before and intend to blend their gathered experience, know-how, and expertise with the advantages of the agile development method and the freedom of a small team. The Game Bakers focus on creative projects that combine traditional gaming values with the best of the mobile experience. Their most recent delicacy, Combo Crew for iOS and Android, is the first mobile brawler with asynchronous cross-play multiplayer. Their turn-based action RPG series SQUIDS, available for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac, has been enjoyed by more than one and a half million players worldwide. SQUIDS has also been made into a comic book series and is coming to television next year. The Game Bakers make games like they cook food: with a lot of care, a lot of love, and because they’re French, a good bottle of wine. To learn more, visit the company’s website at

40 Responses to “The Fight Is On! Beat ’Em Up Combo Crew Available for iOS and Android”

  1. Ariedhan dit :

    Guys… you are great. You did an amazing job with SQUIDS mixing RPG and mobile type games. I bought the game yesterday and you’ve done it again: the controls are just perfect for the platform!

    Not only that: the art, the music… everything is perfect. I can only hope that someday I can work in a company similar to yours.

    Keep up the good work! You are amazing!

  2. Spencer dit :

    Just wanted to say, played your games and loving the fresh take on design for both. You’re really touch-pad minded. Weird words, but positive ones. It’s really awesome to see people taking to this space appropriately.

  3. I’m so getting this on my S3!

  4. Ezwebmaniac dit :

    I love the game but it keeps crashing the moment i finisch the 9th floor!! I’m using an iphone 5. Please fix it!!

    • Emeric dit :

      Thanks a lot for reporting the bug. We fixed it and we’ll push an update pretty soon, alongside a lot of new content. 
      In order to go through round 9 and avoid the bug, you have to succeed in making 3 air attacks. To do that, right after you juggle the enemy in the air, swipe the enemy and you’ll do some kind of jumped punch. I believe that the game won’t crash if you can succeed in doing that. If ever it still crashes, let me know your Combo Crew id (your email or facebook email) and I’ll unlock round 10 remotely so that you can pursue your progress until the update comes.

      Really sorry about the bug and thanks again for reporting it. 
      Thanks for your patience.

  5. zek777 dit :

    For some reason, it takes forever to login with either FB or email. I checked the Internet connection. Seems like some other people’ve faced this problem too. Can you guys give us a solution? I’m playing on Google Nexus 10.

  6. Stingray dit :

    Make all the characters free please.make more characters.

  7. Noha dit :

    The best game I ever played keep up the good work guys but one thing I’m asking for plz put that character off of tales of symphonia lloyd irving on here it would be so cool! Plz!

    • Emeric dit :

      Hey thanks Noha! Very glad you like the game. Agree, there are so much characters we’d like to add! Didn’t think of Tales of characters but that’s right they’d be a nice addition, I would love to see that happen as well!

  8. cho dit :

    could you tell me how to use booster function?

    • Emeric dit :

      Start a new game in Combo Crew mode after buying some boosters and you’ll be able to bring them along your game and use them at the beginning at each round!

  9. Frank dit :

    Plz spanish friends?? or English help me in the tower D:

  10. amintha dit :

    Please help! I made an in app purchase and bought the capcom crew pack but it says it keeps failing to download!! What should I do? I dont want to have payed for nothing :(

  11. Sai dit :

    Have y’all thought adding anymore characters?? iLove this game!!! Can’t put it down!!

  12. Nicos dit :

    Love the game. I thought Viewtiful Joe would have been a great fit for this game, and obviously you guys did too :) Did you guys approach Capcom, or did they approach you?

    Round 32 of King of the Tower keeps glitching out with Sammo. He will stand at either side of the screen and swing his arms like you are trying to attack an enemy, but he will not move. Neither will the enemies. I switched to Dolph and had no problems clearing the round, but my favorite octopus brawler is stuck in limbo.

    Other than that, I have had no issues with the game and I am definitely looking forward to whatever game you guys release next.

  13. alchemis dit :

    Lots of bugs and freezes alot even when opening app on droidx2
    Glitches and freezes on droidx2 plz fix I’ve wrote u guys twice!

  14. Dillon dit :

    I have been hooked on this fantastic game, you guys are the best! Keep up with the awesomeness and I look forward to future updates.
    I love the graphics and how it harkens back to classic brawlers while keeping a modern twist. It’s fun, addicting, and there are lots of challenges and other bits that keep the game from getting old. Might I say it is « Viewtiful » as well.
    You guys rock! This game rocks! And I look forward to what you guys here at the Game Bakers have in store for it!

  15. Darius dit :

    Love combo crew! Awesome game with awesome mechanics, and is simple and easy to play. Hope to see more characters added to the in-game store.

  16. Aljon dit :

    ilove the game but will you please make some fixes with its compatibility on iphone 3gs im still using this phone,,, it always crashes back to home screen at a certain times… cant play it smoothly.. still need to restart again the game cuz it does not resumes

    • Emeric dit :


      Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll be able to optimize the game well enough to run on these devices… they are way too old :(. But our previous games, Squids and Squids Wild West run very well on iPhone 3GS! I hope you’ll like them.

  17. COMBO CREW ROCKS dit :

    I absolutely love COMBO CREW! I immediately purchased the Capcom Crew! The controls and game style is so smooth and easy Joe and Chunli are My Favorite Characters! I was wondering though….since you mentioned games like « Streets of Rage » and « Final Fight » will there be anymore Characters added on?

    • Emeric dit :

      Thanks so much for the praise! We’re very glad you like the game :-). As for the characters, there is none planned at the moment, but we are looking at options! Axel or Blaze would be AWESOME that’s right!

  18. conner boozer dit :


    • Emeric dit :

      This sometimes happens when something goes wrong with the internet connection during the purchase (we can’t do anything about that :(). BUT! If you were charged, this means the purchase is saved on your Apple/Google account and that you can restore the purchase by going in the Settings menu and tap « Restore purchase ». This will unlock Ryu for sure ;-). Have fun and thanks for playing the game!

  19. Bobosci dit :


    Do you plan on making a streetfighter 2/tecken/mortal combat beat em up style game that is multiplayer with people over the net? would be emmense!!

  20. Viewtiful Joe Fan dit :

    Is there any chance of this game being Xperia PLAY optimized? It looks REALLY cool, and I think it could benefit from using the controller for sure! I would love to be able to beat up baddies as Viewtiful Joe . As it stands, though, the most recent version of the game isn’t even compatible with my phone. :(

  21. CaliburnX dit :

    Overall its an awesome game but after 1.3.0 update in combo crew mode my character after sometime fighting,he starts to stand in one place keep gaurding also enemies also stops attacking then i will have to quit.Can somebody help me with this problem?plz.

    • Emeric dit :

      Hi! Thanks for the nice comment. About the bug, we’re aware of it and it’ll be fixed in the next update… we’ll release that asap! Until then, the work around is to avoid spamming the counter, especially against bombs. If you tap once to counter a bomb, it should never freeze.
      Cheers, m

      • CaliburnX dit :

        Thanks for the reply.
        Anybody here knows the use of 2 finger swipes in super combo.

        Also I found some cool trick.after super combo attack gets started swipe with two fingers in any direction of your fav combo,then at the finishing stage of super combo the combo will follow it with fluffy blue coloured thing used in super combo if you keeep on attacking ,countering and without stopping .all ur punches and kicks will look like super combo.
        I don’t know if it will work .
        But it worked for me(maybe a glitch).

        Mobile :Samsung Galaxy SIII (i9300)

  22. Ace dit :

    Add more Street Fighter Characters (M.Bison, Vega, etc.)

  23. CaliburnX dit :

    When will 1.3.1 be released for android .I’m waiting for it to be released.

  24. Ricardo lizama dit :

    Theres a problem that dont leet me conect me to facebook if you can fix this it will be very apreciated

  25. Ekrem Or dit :

    hey guys add me for playing together and rescue :)

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