SQUIDS Odyssey Nintendo 3DS available today!

Posted by on 07.03.14

Last part of our Squids adventure on Nintendo platforms: SQUIDS Odyssey is now available on the Nintendo eShop on 3DS. Our tactical RPG SQUIDS Odyssey for Nintendo 3DS includes all the same content as on Wii U, with gorgeous artwork thanks to a 3D-layered effect that shows off the Squids’ lush kingdom like never before. If you knew our previous Squids games, SQUIDS Odyssey is the ultimate SQUIDS compilation. It includes all content previously released, with tons of improvement (Pro Mode on the whole game!), a new chapter that continues the adventure in the kingdom of Wakame, a new Squid warrior and new helmets. But for the fans the most exciting will probably be the awesome controls with the pad, especially for those of you who love Scouts! Get it on 3DS here:

And on Wii U here:

And the trailer: Full press release below –

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– - – - – SQUIDS Odyssey Tactical Role-Playing Game Splashes onto Nintendo 3DS as a Nintendo eShop Download Save an underwater kingdom under siege in this quirky turn-based RPG MONTPELIER, France – July 3, 2014 – Following last month’s release on Wii U™, The Game Bakers’ popular SQUIDS franchise is now on Nintendo 3DS™ in SQUIDS Odyssey, a tactical RPG available for download in the Nintendo eShop. Designed specifically for handheld devices, SQUIDS Odyssey has casual combat with quick levels that can easily be enjoyed on the go, alongside an epic adventure storyline reminiscent of old-school JRPGs. When a mysterious black ooze seeps into the sea and disturbs the Squids’ peaceful kingdom, a scrappy shoal of heroes must fight back. During turn-based combat against ooze-infected crab and shrimp, the Squids’ springy tentacles become their best weapons: stretch them with your finger or the stylus, aim, and release to shoot your Squid toward its target. Four hero classes, stat-boosting helmets, and power-ups add a strategic element to the role-playing gameplay. SQUIDS Odyssey for Nintendo 3DS includes all the same content as on Wii U, with gorgeous artwork thanks to a 3D-layered effect that shows off the Squids’ lush kingdom like never before. Game features include:

  • Build your party from 15 different Squids in four classes—shooters, scouts, troopers, and healers
  • Win turn-based battles with strategy and skill, using the environment and your party’s strengths to your advantage
  • Lose yourself in an epic story across four exotic underwater kingdoms
  • Engage in 90+ missions for more than 15 hours of gameplay in the main storyline, plus an expert Pro Mode that doubles the game length and provides extra challenge
  • Boost your heroes abilities with 65+ fun and funky-looking helmets

In their positive review of the Wii U version, The Official Nintendo Magazine called SQUIDS Odyssey “difficult, but charming … a fun and unique, turn-based action game that’s worth spending a few squid on.” NintendoLife praised its “beautiful world and a good sense of humour,” and Nintendo World Report concluded, “In terms of Nintendo eShop titles, you won’t find many others that offer the long hours of gameplay that SQUIDS Odyssey provides.” The Game Bakers’ SQUIDS games have had more than two million downloads since their 2011 debut on mobile. As the franchise’s first appearance on consoles, SQUIDS Odyssey is the ultimate SQUIDS compilation that includes all content previously released, with tons of improvement and tweaks. Content exclusive to SQUIDS Odyssey includes a new campaign that continues the adventure in the never-before-seen kingdom of Wakame, a new Squid warrior named Oktoku, and four new helmets. SQUIDS Odyssey can be downloaded for 12.99€ / $14.99 (or equivalent in local currency) from the Nintendo eShop. For more game details, visit:

About SQUIDS Since its first mobile release in 2011, SQUIDS has become a globally recognized brand with more than two million game downloads to date. A digital comic book series is underway from APE Entertainment and a children’s television series is in early production. Learn more about SQUIDS on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SquidsTheGame SQUIDS Odyssey press assets: http://thegamebakers.com/vip About The Game Bakers An independent video game studio founded by industry veterans, The Game Bakers make games like they cook food: with a lot of care and a lot of love. After making a name for themselves with two SQUIDS RPGs and the brawler Combo Crew on mobile devices, the studio is turning their focus to console development starting with SQUIDS Odyssey for Wii U™ and Nintendo 3DS™. They are also working on an unannounced game to be released in 2014 alongside a major motion picture. To learn more, visit the company’s website at http://thegamebakers.com. Nintendo 3DS and Wii U are trademarks of Nintendo. © 2012 Nintendo.    

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    Congrats. Squids just keeps moving from strength to strength. any plans for Squids PS4?

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