SQUIDS – Characters reveal

Posted by on 09.21.11

The game will be out soon now! And until then, every week, we are going to tell you a little more about the heroes who could be part of your team of Squids.

> Steev – Hero # 1 – Scout


Steev is undoubtedly a hot head! Without hesitation, he will rush head down at your tougher enemy.

Steev is a scout and he has a special ability called dash. It allows him to cover more distance than his companions and perform combos.

But his true specialty, and what he loves the most, is attack. He is one of the most powerful Squids with strong melee attacks and combos.

> Clint – Hero # 4 – Shooter

Clint is a mysterious cowboy, with a shady past. Rumor has it he fought along the Old guard in the time of legends, when the Black Ooze first appeared and the dark hordes rampaged through the Squids’ world. Another rumor has it that where he is from, his name is well known, not always for the most righteous deeds though…

But he is also an experienced Squids who is always able to provide the best advice. And above all he is an incredible shooter! The accuracy of his shots makes him a real danger for the enemies.

> Kapono – Hero #8 – Scout

Kapono is by far the most enigmatic of all! Even if he is far from being discrete, he does not say much about himself. Some say that there is more to Kapono than what can be gathered at first look.

Just like Steev, Kapono is a scout. Small and not so fit to take damage, his skill comes from his mobility: his dash is incredible and can be used to cover an astounding distance or inflict serious combo damage!

> Vahine – Hero #2 – Healer

Vahine has always been a loner. She is not alone anymore but she hasn’t realized it yet.

Vahine is a great healer, but she is not as strong as her companions to attack or take damage.

Who will you chose for your Squids team?

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