We make games like we make food

We are an independent video game studio founded by industry veterans (Wait, we ‘re not that old!). To sum it up we often say we make games like we cook food: with a lot of care and love. We want to create that experience that you remember, that you have fantasies about long after it’s finished, and that makes you feel alive and energized. That’s the recipe we’re going for. We hope you like it!

Our studio is based in Montpellier – right above a bakery – and in Lyon in France. We work with a team of senior collaborators around the world. They all share our taste for making good games while having fun and working with nice people.

SQUIDS, our underwater tactical RPG on mobile and PC is a great success with an average 5 star user rating and more than 2 million downloads. SQUIDS Wild West, with even more content and quality than the first opus, followed in its footsteps (or tentacle-steps?). A SQUIDS comic book is available and a TV series is in the making. We hope to populate the world with squishable Squids plushies, tee-shirts – and more games of course!

Combo Crew our modern take on the old-school brawlers we love so much was released in 2013, bringing fighting games to mobile with innovative touch controls and smooth asynchronous co-op play. Kotaku called it « the definitive beat-em up of the mobile age of gaming » and that made us happy. Thanks to Capcom we were able to add the heavyweights from Street Fighter 2 and Viewtiful Joe into the game.

SQUIDS Odyssey, the ultimate SQUIDS compilation with the two first chapters and plenty of new content, will be available for Wii U™ and Nintendo 3DS™ in Spring 2014.

We’re also working on an unannounced licensed mobile game to be released this Summer 2014 alongside a major motion picture… Can you guess which one?!

And let’s not forget DUELS, our next brand new IP creation for console and PC, which we hope to be able to show you very soon.

More about us

Audrey LeprinceAudrey Leprince worked as a producer on several best-selling console games (Tom Clancy’s EndWar, Rainbow Six, Brothers in Arms,…). She started in the industry as a game designer and producer for independent French studios, then spent 6 years developing games in China. At The Game Bakers, Audrey is in charge of operations.


Emeric ThoaEmeric Thoa is in charge of The Game Bakers’ creative content. He has a background in usability and web design. In a previous life he was Director of Game Design for Ubisoft and he played a major role in the design of best-selling AAA console games (Clancy titles amongst others). He thinks Shinji Mikami is one of the world’s best game designer and that Atlus and Capybara games are interesting game studios to follow.